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Precious Metals Price Update Dec 23, 2023 at 08:00:32 PM UTC - Gold Spot $$2,053.25, Silver Spot $$24.23

Executive Coins |

πŸ“’ Get the latest spot prices update from Executive Coins! πŸš€β° At 2023-12-23 14:00:32 MST, here are the spot prices for precious metals: πŸ”Έ Gold spot price: $2053.25 πŸ”Ή Silver spot price: $24.23 πŸ”Έ Platinum spot price: $980.09 πŸ”Ή Palladium spot price: $1215.50 πŸ”Έ Rhodium spot price: $4425.00 πŸ”Ή Copper spot price: $0.24 Stay tuned as we compare these prices to the previous hour and day, analyzing the percentage increase or decrease for each metal. Executive Coins is your trusted source for timely updates on the ever-changing precious metals market! πŸ’ΌπŸ“Š #SpotPriceUpdate #ExecutiveCoins